An open letter of thanks…

Where do I start? As many of you know I was offered a residency with the LH Project this summer. I have been working in the beautiful north west corner of Oregon since the beginning of June. My boys and I finally rolled up our driveway in the wee hours of the morning this earlier this week after driving… 16 hours? It is good to be home and how I missed my girls. Now as I unpack, reorient myself and get my feet back on the ground I feel I needed to publicly thank LH for everything they have done. I have been overwhelmed with the incredible hospitality of Chris and Jakob and everyone out in Joseph, OR. I went to LH with a specific goal in mind and I feel like I hit the jackpot. Sometimes what you need is a new different space to get quiet and work out the ideas you hadn’t made time for in your personal studio. LH gave me that quiet space in the middle of the most beautiful landscape. During my stay I was able to explore and test ideas and techniques that will potentially impact what I make and how I make it. As I open boxes filled with the fruit on my residency I am filled with a fresh excitement to get back to work. I hope to be able to share new work with you soon.

Michael Sherrill

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