Raising up Young Makers

Sandlin_portrait“Clay gave me a voice.” 

– Red Weldon Sandlin

Red Sandlin has been a long time friend of the Sherrills and Mudtools. Coming from a graphic design background Red has established herself as an accomplished figurative sculptor. Her work is every bit as vivacious and joyful as it’s maker. Red also has proven her passion for young makers along with the faculty and staff at the Abernathy Art Center. fultonarts.org

“Abernathy Art Center is part of Fulton County Arts Council. We have had a summer art camp program  now for about 10 years. All classes fill up the moment they are posted. There are 12 to a class. Kids do not get this kind of art instruction in school. We have a Am and PM session with sitting service for lunch. Needless to say many stay all day. It ranges from age 6 to 14 and a teen camp for older ones in July. There are a myriad of classes offered from wheel, hand- building and sculpture( my arena)  to painting…drawing…printmaking , cartooning and yes this year…sock monkeys. We get many return students and their siblings. My intern this year, Rachel, now 16 has been with me since she was 9. I gave her a new rib…and sponge to add to her collection of tools. You would have thought I gave her gold. Nothing like a prize.” 

The teacher is a special person. I think each of us can look back and point to people in our lives who helped us art, making, and clay.

A big thank you to Red and the rest of the Abernathy Arts Center Teachers for encouraging the next generation of makers!

April 2019
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