The LH Project

My residency time at the LH project is almost over. I can’t believe a month has gone by already. My time out here in Joseph Oregon has been an amazing experience. The land out here is just breath taking.


Jakob and Chris have done just a fantastic job creating a space of exploration and making. I am honored to have received and invite. During my time here I have had some major break throughs in my process and I hope to be showing the fruits of my experimentations soon! If only for that my time here has been priceless.IMG_6537

I was also lucky to be accompanied by my 2 boys Avery and Atticus. LH has been very accommodating. Having them out here and working beside me has been very special. Atticus made a fantastic creature the other day.

They brought their bikes with them have made good use of them daily; biking from the house to the studio is no small feat! They have also industriously farmed themselves out doing some odd jobs for the folks here. Train up a child in the way he should go right?

I wish all of my family could have been here, but I am grateful for my time with these two young men. They have grown up so fast and I am very proud of the men they are becoming. …I do confess I am quite homesick for my girls… Thank goodness for Skype! I get cyber hugs and kisses my little Wren and I get to see my beautiful wife’s face. What would we do with out technology?



We decided to break from work and go on a Father’s Day adventure and explore more of north east Oregon. We walked down into an absolutely gorgeous gorge and spent the day fishing for bull trout. If you know me, you know this was the perfect way to spend the day!


I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the hospitality of the folks out here at the LH Project.

Thank you to the whole crew for the start of a great summer!





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